Cold call selling: Checklist of 14 practical tips– part 1

"COLD CALL SALES AND PROSPECTING CHECKLIST: 14 PRACTICAL STRATEGIES WHEN COLD-COLD CALLING"  which had been here in four parts is  now  a short E-book,  available via Amazon. 

You can read it on a Kindle, or in various other E-reader formats, including your PC.  Amazon offfers free apps to enable that.

Order e-edition of "Cold call sales and prospecting checklist: 14 practical tips"


Content adapted from How to Sell Face-to-Face: Survival Guide

Paper edition, via Amazon, $9.95, now special at $8.69

Amazon Kindle edition, $2.99, now special at $1.99

(Incidentally, you do not need a Kindle to use this Kindle edition. Amazon offers apps that let it run on your PC or other reader.)