New business start-up: “A Start-Up That Automates the Process of Starting Up,” says article in NY Times

As I mentioned here recently, this  Selling Face to Face site is aimed at new business start-ups as much as at the sales training needs of experienced sales teams.

In that regard— new business start-ups and how-to — here's an interesting link to an article on
 Wicked Start   a free site designed by an experienced entrepreneur and management consultant. I haven't personally checked it out yet, just read the article  and looked at the Wicked Start website, but it seems definitely worth your taking a look.

As I understand, when you sign up you get access to a series of how-to checklists and templates to hold your hand through each of the major steps of a new business start-up from scratch.

It's free, so I'm not at all clear on the business model.

Here's the article I read, which came to me via the "Small Business from the New York Times" weekly e-mailing.

A Start-Up That Automates the Process of Starting Up — NYTimes article