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“The secrets of the ‘high-potential’ personality”: From BBC.COM

The article asks, “Are there six traits that could really mark out your potential to achieve?”  I won’t detail them here; best to read the full article, which I found well-worth the time.

Key take-away: For a good many years the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been more or less the norm.  Now there’s a new contender, the High Potential Trait Inventory (HPTI), based around six key traits.

Here’s the article: http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20180508-the-secrets-of-the-high-potential-personality

Here’s the link to the BBC story: Secrets of the high-potential personality 

“Matching life experience with new careers” — article in NY Times

"HEALTH navigator? Conflict coach? Pollution mitigation outreach worker? These
emerging jobs aren’t household terms yet, but they are a natural fit for older
people looking for new career opportunities, said Phyllis Segal, vice president
at Civic Ventures, a nonprofit research group based in San Francisco."

— That's the opening paragraph in Elizabeth Pope's article in the New York Times.

You might ask, "What does it have to do with the subject of this blog—Selling Face-to-Face?" 

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“Losing ‘crappy job’ was author’s ticket to bliss.” Maybe your ticket, as well?

As I said in another posting today, in setting up this blog, SellingFaceToFace.com, I had in mind two readership poles: at one end people just going off on their own (voluntarily or after losing a steady job), and at the other sales pros looking for the kind of how-to sales tips they could glean from these pieces from the sales training courses I used to develop for big marketing firms.

In today's USA Today (Monday, April 15, 2011) I came on reviews of two books particularly apropos for those just going off on their own, perhaps as free-lancers, consultants, new business entrepreneurs, and the like.  (Both reviews, I just realized, were by Kerry Hannon.)

EVIL PLANS: HAVING FUN ON THE ROAD TO WORLD DOMINATION,  by Hugh MacLeod is about how he redirected his life and career (in multiple directions) after losing his job in advertising. I just saw the review today, haven't seen the actual book yet, so will leave you in the hands of Kerry Hannon and her fun review. 

Link to review


“People 55 and Older Start Own Businesses in Growing Numbers,” NYTimes

"Starting over at 55" — title of the article by Stephen Greenhouse, part of a New York Times special section on retirement.

Some interesting case studies on early retirees who used their skills and experience to start-up new

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