How to Sell Face-to-Face Survival Guide is now available via KOBO in multiple e-book formats,

HOW TO SELL FACE-TO-FACE: SURVIVAL GUIDE, a  to-the-point sales how-to handbook, based largely on a consultative selling approach, especially for people getting
started in face-to-face sales, or marketing their skills or services as
  consultants, free-agents, career-changers,
or in new business start-ups.
6×9, 125 pages. ISBN:

Available in both  paper  ($9.95) and e-book ($2.99) versions via Amazon.  (A free Kindle reader is available at the Amazon site. Also, it can be read on other types of readers, including iPad, IPhone, and Blackberries via free Apps that are available from this Amazon site.)


UPDATE:  HOW TO SELL FACE-TO-FACE: SURVIVAL GUIDE IS NOW ALSO AVAILABLE ON KOBO.  KOBO is "device neutral" — which is a techie way of saying that if you buy via KOBO you can read it on your PC, MAC, iBook, IPad, etc. etc.  KOBO provides free readers/adapters.  Here's the link to Kobo's version of HOW TO SELL FACE-TO-FACE: SURVIVAL GUIDE .

KOBO, in case you haven't heard of it, links with Borders— which I'm sure you have heard of.


At this point, the e-book of  HOW TO SELL FACE-TO-FACE: SURVIVAL GUIDE is a smidgen cheaper via Kobo than via Amazon/Kindle.  ($1.79 versus $2.99.)