Survival Guide


In this little book, we work together through the need-to-know  steps of selling face-to-face—that is, face-to-face across the table from prospects.

That’s why I  call it How to Sell Face-to-Face: Survival Guide, with emphasis on the “survival guide” aspect.

Survival guides need to be as compact and “netted-out” as feasible, focusing on the “must-know now,” leaving the theory and advanced stuff for later.  It’s designed to help you get selling face-to-face on Monday morning, not  sitting home trying to pull out the need-to-know from a stack of other books.

Sample chapters

How to Sell Face-to-Face: SURVIVAL GUIDE –Table of Contents

A     Starting questions

B     Developing a list of potential prospects 

1.    Finding your way to the person (or team) who can say yes   

2.    How to initiate that first contact   

3.    Getting past the “Gate”   

4.   Your first phone contact with the Prospect   

5.   Preparing for your first face-to-face with the Prospect   

6.   Opening the first face-to-face with this Prospect   

7.   Working with the Prospect to uncover needs for what you offer   

8.   Asking the questions   

9.   Linking the Prospect’s need with how you will fill that need   

10.  Dealing with the issue of price: talk “value”   

11.  Being attuned to “buying signals”   

12. “Closing”   

13.  Responding to objections and questions   

14.  After the sale